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As we go about our daily business and interactions in life, communication is key if we are to be successful. This becomes even critical when people with special needs such as those with hearing impairment are involved, unlike those who can hear and speak. According to World health organization (WHO), there is an estimate of […]

Ugandan Mother Lurks In The Shadow of Death At A TBA’s For 3 Days


Pamela was clearly in a lot of pain and kept begging health workers to save her life and that of her baby. I quickly put on gloves make quick assessment of situation. And my primary examination showed that she had tenderness on touching her abdomen and this would mean two things; either a pending uterine rupture or a detached placenta from the uterine attachment wall. Also, her baby’s presenting part which was the head had swollen and in medicine it’s a sign of obstruction, meaning that the baby’s head was trying to pass through a narrow passage -the pelvis bone. Luckily, the baby’s heart could be heard faintly with the fetoscope.

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